As you scroll through my blog, you’ll see all these appropriately titled blogs directly correlated to my journey, and then you’ll see this. Socks. What.

Don’t worry, I’m not on crack, and if you give me a moment to explain, it might make sense in a wonky way, kind of like me. I love socks. I don’t mean I like having warm feet (which is glorious all on it’s own), but I mean I LOVE socks. Most girls my age get excited about Sephora having a sale, or Bath and Body Works coming out with a new scent collection every 5 minutes. Not me, I would much rather be sock shopping.

Some people have habits that they believe determines if they have a good day or not, like if the coffee’s out, it’s gonna be a shit day. For me? I like to wear awesome socks. Not only do my socks have to match each other, it’s always ideal to wear socks that match my outfit. If I’m wearing blue or red, it’s probably a safe assumption that I will be wearing Tommy Hilfiger socks to match. Is it a little weird? Well duh, I never claimed I wasn’t weird. I have socks in every color, in multiple color combinations, and nothing makes me more excited than opening a new pair of socks. My favourite part? The little piece of metal that keeps the toes of the socks together. I like bending it around and making myself think I’m the Hulk because I can break metal with my bare hands.

Where am I going with this? Stop looking for a huge sign that your life is great, or for some wonderful thing to happen to you, because that’s about as likely as you winning the lottery. Find something small, and appreciate it. Maybe it’s that cute squirrel that lives in your lawn, or the cute barista at Starbucks that actually spells your name right. The smallest joys are the best, because no one expects to appreciate them. So tomorrow morning when you wake up, know you’ll have a great day, because you’re wearing two identical socks.

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