Another Life-Changing Film

I’ve previously mentioned how important It’s Kind of a Funny Story was to me, and how it was a scarily accurate depiction of so many of the situations I found myself in. Another movie that resonated with me was Aashiqui 2, a foreign film from India that addresses the issue of addiction. While addiction is not an issue I have had to battle, many of the internal conflicts the main character and protagonist faces were incredibly similar to mine, including the mass amount of guilt of placing the burden of seemingly unsolvable issues on someone else. While the movie is largely a love story, it is also the story of a flawed man, who so desperately wants to be the man he used to, but is hindered by his personal demons and believes he can bring nothing but harm and pain to those he loves the most. This was an idea that I grappled with a lot, and it was difficult for me to understand that I’m more than just a burden on others. I remember using the story line, and quotes from the movie to try to articulate what I was thinking, at a time when I really could not put my struggle into my own words.
Aashiqui 2 received a lot of backlash, and although many people loved the soundtrack, a majority of people hated the storyline. This almost made me like it more, because it proved how real the story was and how people are often unwilling to accept that reality is messy and stories about mental health are often not pretty with typical endings. I’m not a person who usually enjoys watching foreign films, but this is a must see for anyone who wants to know more about how dark and gritty things can get. Plus, the songs are pretty great, so that’s a nice bonus.
Aashiqui 2 Trailer:
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