Month: May 2014

Support for those currently struggling

With the emergence of mental health/illness awareness becoming more prevalent, there are countless resources available to those struggling with any mental illness, suicide, depression, bipolar, anxiety, panic, the list goes on. However, with all these resources, it’s hard to know which one works the best, and it differs from person to person. I probably tried at least 15 different resources to find the one that worked best for me, and I am lucky that there is a vast variety of resources, so if I didn’t like one, I still had so many.

The emergence of online resources is incredible, because many people are unable, or unwilling, to pick up the phone and call a crisis centre. Here is a link to one of the best compilations of resources available to people contemplating suicide, or who struggle with suicidal tendencies:

Here is another link to Mental Health Canada, with a list of links and resources to what’s available in Canada:

If you’re currently in a crisis, or are concerned that you may face a crisis in the future, consult this list of resources for anything from mental health concerns, to self abuse, to elder abuse:

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides a ton of PDFs and brochures to offer assistance to people who are struggling, including college students, high school students, and those facing difficulties with job retention:

Do NOT forget that you are NOT alone. There is ALWAYS help. There is ALWAYS hope. There is ALWAYS a good way out of a crisis. If you’re at a serious risk to yourself, don’t hesitate to call 911 and help will always be there.

Keep Surviving by Living. 


30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness – Days 15 to 18

Day 15: How has your life been effected by your illness(es)? (Some ideas are: relationships, career, school)
My life has been tremendously impacted by my illness – and although I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned from it – it’s really messed things up for me. The negative effects of my illness are so extensive that I still feel better, as if I was dealt an unfair hand and have no chance at winning, yet I’m forced to play. Many relationships have gotten royally screwed up, as dealing with a friend who has a mental illness can be quite a burden and a surprising amount of people can’t handle it. That being said, I do my best to not let myself change my opinion of people who can’t take it on, and do what I can to maintain those relationships. However, I’ve developed a thick enough skin to recognize when people are so unsupportive that it becomes toxic, and I do my best to ensure they do not hinder my ability to maintain a strong recovery. School has also been severely effected in a negative way, with my grades suffering greatly as a result of low attendance. Fortunately, due to perseverance and a wonderful network of friends who have helped me every step of the way, I was able to pass every single one of my classes – barely – but a pass is a pass. Last year, my continuation at the Sauder School of Business was threatened, as I did not receive the minimum average to continue and would have been kicked out, but upon submitting an appeal to the undergraduate office, I was given a second chance and placed on academic probation. It’s a small price to pay, but I refuse to let my dreams be unfulfilled by illnesses I have vowed to never allow to control my life. Now, I must take a moment to say that some relationships have actually been strengthened, especially with my family. I’ve also learned that there are some people in this world – very few – but some, who will surprise you in the most beautiful way possible, by exceeding all expectations and being incredibly caring and selfless, and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for all their love and support through this insane and unpredictable roller coaster. (more…)