Month: September 2014


Today, the first Friday of September, marks exactly one year since I was taken to a psychiatric ward for being suicidal. I committed myself voluntarily, but it would have made no difference as I was considered a big enough danger to myself to be committed against my own will. Today, I can look back on the past 365 days and see that recovery, tough as it is, is entirely possible. Today I can say that I turned my life around, fought on, and found a way to live on, when life seemed worthless. Today, more than anything, I would like to sincerely thank those who have been there for me from the bottom of my heart. Today I can see that life has immense beauty to offer and I never want to lose sight of that again. Today, I spent my day in a meeting with the Speaker’s Bureau for the Mood Disorders Association of BC, which I am now a member of and can’t wait to speak to people about my struggles and how I made it through. (more…)